The story behind one of the oldest copies of the Qur’an, found in the archives of the University of Birmingham, is to be told at a special ticket-only event at the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery on Thursday, 24th March.

Organised by The Lunar Society, the event- which will be followed by a viewing- will include a talk by Sarah Kilroy, Head of Conservation and Programming from the University of Birmingham’s Cadbury Research Library. Sarah will provide a technical perspective, exploring the manuscript’s origins as one of the earliest copies of written evidence of the Islamic holy book, after radiocarbon dating marked the parchment as belonging to the early 7th century.

The Lunar Society offers this opportunity to view the Qur’an manuscript alongside a fascinating talk as part of their programme of 2016 events. This is a special opportunity to see a valuable religious text and understand how it came to reside in the University of Birmingham archives.

Date: Thursday, 24th March

Time: 5-6.30pm

Location: Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery

There will be a limited number of places available and we anticipate this being a popular event, so please book early 

Email The Lunar Society for more information

or call us on 01564 82 1582