The Lunar Medal Committee is appointed annually by the Executive Committee to identify a suitable recipient to receive the annual Lunar Medal.  This prestigious award reflects the outstanding achievement of an individual in their contribution to the aims of the Society and the furtherance of social and economic life in the West Midlands.

The recipient is recognised as having added to the vigour of the West Midlands community by social, academic, political, religious, financial or commercial activity; this could include research, participation in local or national bodies, development of the regional infrastructure (either public or private), and generally a substantial corpus of work that has brought lustre to the region.

Lunar Award Medallists:

2006 Dame Rachel Waterhouse

2007 Sir Richard Knowles

2007 Sir Adrian Cadbury

2008 No medal awarded

2009 Alderman John Charlton

2010 No medal awarded

2011 Professor Julia King

2012 Professor Deirdre Kelly

2013 Professor Clifford Bailey

2014 Paul Sabapathy CBE

2015 No medal awarded

2016 Graham Shaylor